PASA World

PASA aims at transforming your entire business into an online enterprise. PASA is not only a video conferencing srvice application by also monitors the business aspect of your institution complete with a project, community access/penetration reports and analysis.

PASA is created to fit into various industries and community sectors and is offered free of charge to non commercial entities.



  • Concerts, Birthdays, Funerals, Weddings
  • Guest will access via a pre-paid/free stream, allows multiple streams of same event



  • Live fund raising systems complete with an accounting, thank you notes for guests and and direct payments live from a video links from all over the global



  • Universities, Colleges, High Schools
  • Setup a full insititutes timetable allowing students to log in, record and attend classes while submitting tests and assesment on the video link



  • Firms, Courts, Abitrations, Hearings, Secretarial Meetings direct invoicing of clients based on the time spent on video link and documents shared



  • Churches, Missions, Care Givers, Donor Reliant
  • Alow congrgration to be able to make donations and offetory on the video link


Promotion and Sales

  • Advertisements, Auctions, Influencers direct invoicing/promotion auctions based on the impressions and hits from shared video link

Freaquently Asked Question

Have any questions, mail them to

No, the event host is not charged to put up an event that is no longer than 1hour. However a transaction fee may apply for payemnts made thrugh the system.